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    HI ,

    I am new to this forum - and got here by trying to find a complete engine for a 32 Ford hot Dennisd rod.
    The kit that I am working on is the original Monogram 1/8th rod - and the engine and gearbox are missing from the kit. As I am trying to build a kit to display in my shop, I need to get either the original parts - or preferably a mod that I can use. I am planning to (eventually) build the kit with the motor completely exposed - so I am hoping to find something that will stand out in terms of the finished item. So far I have modified every single part of the original kit - probably because I am a little anal in the finish that I am hoping for, but isn't that what most modellers get to?

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    Welcome to SMC Dennis.."TDR Innovations" has several different engines and configurations for the 1/8 scale..The detail is extremely good.."TDR by Shapeways" also carries the TDR Dennisd line along with other components as well..Ebay is a great source for original kit engines if that is what you are looking for ..You mentioned that you have modified every part and wanted something to "stand out" then I highly recommend you visit the sites I mentioned .. Keep in mind that the TDR Dennisd products are 3d printed and will probably be a week or so to produce and ship..Well worth the wait as the quality and detail are top notch..
    Have a look around the site..
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