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    Hi all, I am a retired graphic designer who has been involved in model making as a hobby and profession since the mid-1950s. My father began building balsa and plastic kits for me when I was about 5 years old. By the time I was 8, I was building models on my own. In the 1970's I had a job building architectural and engineering models, the most fun job I ever had. For the past few decades my primary interest has been pre-1970 automobiles, but also still love aircraft, speedboats, and studying any scale model. My other major interests are family, fine arts, performing arts, theater set design/fabrication, literature, poetry, music, and guitars.

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    Welcome! Sounds like a lot of experience!

    I, personally, frame my auto interest as capping at 1967, though there are exceptions.

    Please post some images old or new.


    Oh yeah, I had run a retail model shop for a few years, went very briefly into movie models and props, -a very short stint in a display model group, and then, now, quite a few years in the concept and prototype industry, lately making flying cars! (Mock-up)

    Seems we have some things in common.

    Welcome again!
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    That could be a good topic, other hobby's. For me it is Vintage racing bicycles, say, from the '60s until the end of steel, usually seen as the early '90's. It's an expensive hobby - just now I shelled out $160 AUD on two tyres - but it isn't a money pit given the market for high end frames and parts is very buoyant. I try to spend as little on modelling as possible, probably because I'm mean!!. Like I was making a fuel tank but didn't want to shell out for some new 0.75mm aly sheet so, waited around, kept my eyes out around my area, and bingo!! A local pizza barn threw out some industrial filters, three, about 2 x 2ft. I had to wear a gas mask to take off the metal, but was quite pleased with myself. Also living just next to an industrial area affords you such things, like I was riding my bike around and noticed this huge, painted white frame dumped next to the road. It was actually the interior of an old ambulance, all in 2mm aluminium, huge sheets. It took two trips back and forth in the car to get it home, 15 years later I am still utilising it!! For anyone not familiar with Australia this might seem scrooge-like but remember, our cost of living is huge here, everything is expensive, nothing is made here anymore, something like a new piece of A4 sheet brass will cost you maybe $20+ . I only have basic tools and the stuff I model doesn't really require a lathe, though I would love a milling function so I didn't have to cast so much.
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