I'm a 55 year-old kid from Johannesburg, South Africa, just getting back into modelling after 38 or so years off. I have quite a few unfinished kits from my teen years, as well as a lot more that I've accumulated in the last year. To be honest, I think I may have a little "problem". Still, you can't have too many models, can you? My main interests are motorbikes and sports cars (I mostly stick to Tamiya Greetings from Sunny S.A.! ), and I have a particular weakness for anything with a Honda badge (or wing...). I discovered this forum accidentally while looking for info on my latest acquisition, a Pocher Alfa Romeo Monza, a kit I have lusted after since my early teens and have just found at a Cash Converters, of all places. My two main projects at the moment are a 1/24 Aurora Maserati 3500GT (the kit is as old as me!), and a 1/12 Tamiya Greetings from Sunny S.A.! Honda NSR500 '98 (donated by a friend, part-built). I'm also teaching myself to airbrush Greetings from Sunny S.A.! , and generally trying to "up my game" from my early years. Looking forward to sharing my learning with you all!