Hello and I am a newbie. Started collecting models a few years ago as something to look for when the wife drags me along to thrift. It started when I found a Revell Kickin myself. Go Mad Nomad and just loved the artwork. I have an eclectic collection from Weird OH's, visible engines, Hot Kickin myself. Rod's Stroker McGurk,
Tom Daniels and a lot of muscle cars. Once while thrifting I found something I had never seen before. It was a Pocher 1907 Fiat 130HP, it was a mess with loose parts everywhere in the box with no way of knowing if it was complete. I took a chance and offered ten dollars for it and the clerk accepted my offer. Several months later I decided to inventory the parts and noticed the engine was missing and placed it with that weeks garbage. That was about 18 months ago. A snowbird neighbor came back from NC this past November and informed me of what I had thrown away and for about $115.00 he had made it a complete kit buying the missing parts from eBay. This fueled a fire to start building and collecting these higher end and highly detailed models. I am now in the process of building my first die cast model. It is a Revival P3 R. Gemelatte with the dual real wheels. The instruction sheet is pretty much illegible but oddly that is adding to excitement of building the P3. Been looking for my first Pocher and the hunt is a big part of the fun. Does Scalemotors offer or recommend any videos for beginners?