Hi to all. Modeler on and off since 1960. Built everything at one time or another but lean a little towards Cars today with some Military and Plane mixed in. Also enjoyed Aurora HO Race sets and Train N scale Layouts over the years. Man has the Hobby kits changed from when i was a kid. Loved the hobby then and even more today. The info and tips I get from you people just keeps coming. Been out of hobby building for 15 years but have always followed the Model kits and the Model World, and model forums, it's in my blood. I'm amazed at how much the kits have improved, the stories behind the subject kits have become more detailed, the paints and tools are so extensive now it boggles my mind. I always though i had a great experience with model kits growing up but you model builders today got it all. At 64 i feel like a kid again. Thank you to all for the great input i read on this forum. A class act you all are.