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    I used to build plastic models during the 1960s thru the 1980s and am re-entering the hobby.

    However, I used to build aircraft and am returning to the hobby with car builds.

    Not starting small, however.

    I bought two second hand 1/12 scale kits:
    a Monogram 1/12 1967 Corvette
    a Monogram 1/12 1957 Chevrolet BelAir

    I intend to build both stock.

    I am currently doing research about the contents of both kits but am not an auto gear head; know my own cars and have done minor work on 'em but never paid much attention to engine/ drive train components that were not in my own vehicles.

    My question is just what is represented by the engine spare parts in either kit.

    Are the spare parts ( street and drag ) accurate representations of any particular brands and model engine / drive train components?

    I ask as I may want to eventually wish to use the parts for scratch builds and it would be helpful if there were some way to determine their accuracy.

    Downloadable instructions are limited to choices but no further.

    1957 BelAir instructions on Scalemates:

    1967 Corvette on Scalemates:

    Does anyone have information about what drivetrain components in either car model are supposed to represent as far as era of introduction into general use, type of device and manufacturer?

    For instance: the 1957 Chevy mag wheels are - so far as I know - representations of Cragar SS introduced in 1964

    The street / drag carburetors ? 4 Barrel? brand ? Belt driven supercharger ? etc.

    Many thanks for your help in advance

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    Take picture of all available parts options for each individual cars and post. I would love get a look and speculate. I will look at your instruction links tomorrow. Cool kits.
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    I don't really like the scAns of instructions the are incomplete and not pieced together correctly like trying to read old hieroglyphs. I can read some other languages a little most of them are programming tho. Read enough prints I different languages too. Let's go with the individual part picture method. Ppl like engine porn to look at. You will get better results that way.... nice score on that vette. Gotta love those curves. Like looking at 2nd gen F-body porn.

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