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    This is my first post to the forum and serves the purpose of introducing myself to the community.

    I like to call myself a quadruped, according to my four types of interest in model-making.

    Let’s start with leg one, that actually made me come across Many years ago at a rummage sale I found a rather delapidated Pocher Mercedes 500K-AK, which the seller had started to build but seemed to have run out of enthusiasm at some stage. Allthough the Chassis he had started to build looked a bit twisted and rusty in places, the rest of the Kit appeared to be complete and in pretty good nick. There’s not much you can argue about, if such a find is offered for fifty bucks!

    The first two pictures I upload are an example of the state the Chassis was in.


    So I took everything apart to the last screw, cleaned, derusted, and varnished all the parts where appropriate, adding sparingly some color to the motorparts in places and reconstructing some minor missing parts. I decided to go down the pragmatic route of quite strictly building the kit out of the box with what I got.

    With a fair bit of effort and the tipps from this forum at times when I got stuck (a very big thank you), it now looks like this:


    To be continued.

    As Leg No. 2 I convert static 1/32 car-kits into slotcars. Sometimes I resort to Slotcar Chassis Kits. However for most of the models I construct my own Chassis, either from brass or ABS/Polystyrene etc. – not just for the sake of individuality but simply because most of them have to be tailored to fit the respective Model and last but not least to keep the cost as low as possible. The following pictures are shown as an example of my work in this area. I also wanted to post a video clip to prove that even the Dennis Double-Decker Bus 1914 stays on track and runs rather well. However I did not figure out yet how I can upload my MP4-Handy-Videos saved on my PC - perhaps at a later stage.

    So here are pics of some of the cars.


    Just for those questioning the contemporary clothing style of the ladies on the upper deck of the bus please be informed that this bus is an Oldtimer restored in recent years to its former glory for extra tours on special occasions. The Driver and the passengers on the lower deck are dressed up like in the early 19hundreds in appreciation of this event…

    Leg No. 3 ist papermodelling ships. Allthough I am writing for a car forum, I hope in this introduction I am allowed to post three images of what I am up to in this field. Image No. 1 shows the detailing of work in progress Introduction on the lower deck. The scale is 1/250, the width of the hull is 95 mm i.e 3 ¾ inches – just to give the eye an idea of the rather small size of the accessories on deck. Picture No. 2 shows the 36 paper/cardboard-sheets with the 4'322 parts (6'304 with the additional Laser Cut Set), whereas picture No. 3 shows the current status of the work in progress Introduction .


    What fascinates me most in papermodelling is that you can achieve remarkable results just with a couple of high-quality-scissors, scalpel, one or two needles, a decent cutting mat and some glue -virtually everywhere (no fumes, no stains, no noise).It’s indeed relaxing.

    So now we are down to Leg No. 4 I guess – a new project – ha!


    The Kit of an RC-Scale-Trial-Truck like the Beast II from RC4WD has been on my whishlist for quite some time now. Finally it’s a dream coming true. The next Foto shows the current status of this project:


    I do not feel having too much on my plate – I just appreciate some variety and the possibility to swap between projects when I feel a certain decline of being hooked to what I am currently at. Returning to one Leg after having spent a decent amount of time on another one sets ablaze new enthusiasm, ensuring best possible enjoyment and quality of the endresult.

    I hope this insight is of some interest to part of the community – so that’s all from me for the time being – until next time – bye bye.

    Have a very good time and best regards

    Peter (alias Phileas)

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    Hi and welcome Peter, looks like you have your hands full on projects.

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