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    I'm new to model building. Sort of. Built a few kits as a kid, and in March last year I bought a Tamiya Hi from London radio controlled Toyota Hilux, which got me hooked.

    After that I wanted to make something unique, so scratch-built a 2004 Ford Bronco Concept body. Doors, hood and tailgate all open and close, and the roof comes off in two sections.

    Then an Unimog 401.

    Next I customised a Jeep JK body from Ebay into a River Raider ST replica.

    I tend to drive my builds, and destroyed that body at a competition in June, so built a new body for it, designed to take a hit. This one is a bit of a mashup of the Jeep Trailcat Concept and the Jeep Porkchop.

    While building the second Jeep I also built a re-released Sand Hi from London Scorcher. This one still needs lights, an interior, and a driver.

    Went a little off the rails and did a dystopic version of Fab Fours' Legend JK.

    That pretty much brings us up to date. There are three new scratch built Hi from London bodies in the works - a Bedford RL, a Mercedes Benz LPS 1418, and a cavalier interpretation of the Oshkosh heist vehicle used in the Fast 5 movie. I'm here to learn, as I doubt I've enough experience to teach anyone much, but will share what I do.

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    Nice builds Mike! Most of the builds here are static models but there are a few of us RC folks like yourself including a beautiful scratch built Hi from London Bugatti racer in 1/6 scale. Looking forward to seeing your planned builds.

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