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      I want to do this as a highboy style hotrod with a Chevy small block , opening doors and trunk, brass suspension components. I want the car to have a definate racing look but be something that could be street driven. I modified the kit front crossmember to allow getting the axel and spring assembly higher relative to the frame rails so the front will sit lower. The axel and spring were built next. The hairpin radius rods and batwings were added next. Spuds were place in the frame to serve as pickup points for the radius rods. Finally the shocks were added to the assembly. This completes the front end assembly so the next step will be to build the rear suspension and locate the third member which will be a TDR 32 3 window coupe build quick change. I turned the axel housings for the TDR 32 3 window coupe build quick change and added the necessary brackets for a triangulated 4 bar arrangement with a panhard bar. This will be sprung with coilover shocks. The coil springs were added to the shocks next. The front backing plates were drilled for the kingpins and mounted the the axel assembly. The tie rod was built and fitted. The motor mounts were made and installed and the remainder of the frame boxing plates installed. The internal chassis crossmembers and transmission support were installed and engine/transmission assembly were trial fit. The rear disc brake rotors were turned and calipers were made. The U-joints and drive shaft were made next. The end plates for the rear axel housing were made and installed.

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      32 3 window coupe build-dsc02337-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02336-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02349-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02364-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02359-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02358-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02360-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02368-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02366-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02369-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02370-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02371-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02372-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02374-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02373-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02375-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02376-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02377-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02385-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02386-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02387-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02389-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02388-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02390-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02396-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02400-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02397-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02403-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02409-jpg  32 3 window coupe build-dsc02407-jpg 

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