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      I'm in the process of attempting to do a partial scratch build Big Deuce 3 window build ,and I have questions that you may have answers to. First , I boxed the stock frame,then added x-members, motor/trans mounts, one of the questions is styrene Big Deuce 3 window build going to be stong enough to hold the weight of a resin Big Deuce 3 window build motor/trans combo? If not, any suggestions? As I get into this more I'll have a ton of more questions.
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    Key is good adhesives and real good fit up on you cross members...heavy wall tubing will also aide with the strength...Placement of your supports is key as well..
    Not sure if the pics posted If they didnt ,,, go to my 32 5 window turbo coupe build ..There are some shots of my chassis that might help

    Nope pics didnt post...HMMMMM
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    Hi Joe, I'm Denny. I use PVC SCH 40 in most of my builds & it's heavy. I've learned I must get rid of weight, bore inside of tube down on lathe, make lightning holes & cover with .010 sheet, grind it down were not seen. If your block is solid you could hollow out from oil pan area & intake manifold area, you could drill piston holes & hollow out between the front & back hole on each side, hollow out the inside of the heads & oil pan, get the picture? Be careful, I've never done this with resin Big Deuce 3 window build & don't know how it would act to doing this but I have a flathead I soon will be working on in this manner.
    A brass frame & suspension will also do the trick but if your like me it's the plastic route. I've used wood & metal rods in my rear ends to keep them from breaking. The front end, a big problem for me. Hope this helps you out Joe.


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