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      New member here---I have been very impressed with the Forum particularly how eager members are to help one another. I poured through threads regarding Big deuce builds and I am a bit overwhelmed. Specifically, I just bought an original Monogram yellow Big Deuce kit---some 50 years after I built my first 1:8 kit--a Big Drag. I have built numerious Pocher kits but just need to do a Deuce. I'm doing the High Boy version---with some minor modifications (and questions) as follows:
      1. I plan on de-chroming a number of parts and wonder if Clorox--Coke--or Easy-off oven cleaner works best?
      2. I plan on leaving the body and frame stock Classic Yellow. This just goes against every "Modelers Bone" in my body but I just love that color--please weigh in on my anxiety and if there is anything I can do to enhance the original finish (jeweler rouge -- plastic polish) I will sand A little Big Deuce Help and polish all of the sprue A little Big Deuce Help marks.
      3. I have to change out the wheels and tires. I'd like black-walls--front and rear and in particular I would love to have slicks on the back. Wheels---I'm thinking steel or chrome-reversed. I believe the wheels from the Big T would work but I really haven't seen them without buying a kit (not in my budget). please point me in a direction or let me know if you have something in your boneyard that would work.
      4. I'm thinking I'll keep the Pontiac engine but would really like to convert it to a dual quad blower set-up. I might do a tricked out flathead as well. Again--any advise on locating these items would be MUCH appreciated!!
      I'm sure I'll have questions as I get thru the build but this should help get me on my way--------Thanks in advance!!!

      p.s.--I plan to post pics as I get thru the process

      A little Big Deuce Help-image-jpg

      A little Big Deuce Help
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  1. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Really nice. The yellow high boy is a real classic like the one on the original box from 63. Your paint job is a great match to that original color. This is one cool looking deuce.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

  2. orfie26's Avatar Active Member
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    A little Big Deuce Help-image-jpgA little Big Deuce Help-image-jpgA little Big Deuce Help-image-jpgA little Big Deuce Help-image-jpgA little Big Deuce Help-image-jpgHere are some updated photos of my nearly complete Deuce. I inadvertantly deleted a number of production pictures but will have a pic of the completed model here shortly. Hubcaps are off the deuce---in the trunk and she's ready for a little action--lol.

    A little Big Deuce Help


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