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      :eek: Anybody got a carson top for my '32? I've got it lowered, channeled, suicided the doors, boxed the frame, and managed to get it primered while I was home for 2 weeks. Don't sound like much, but winters coming, and I had a big honeydew list to take care before the snow flies. Still got a few things to do, like remove some of the rear wheel well area, so the axle clears it. Not sure what I will do there, probably just cut it more than it is, and keep roughly the same contour. Also haven't actually opened the doors yet, just filled the front square holes, and made new square holes in back edge of door. I didn't "Z" the frame on this one, just wanted it a little lower. Don't have any pics cuz I left my digital camera at work. So...if someone has a carson top hanging out ,I would gladly purchase it. Also, would like to run A BLOWER ON THE FLATHEAD. oops. I will scan the pics in galleries for a pic of carson top and the blower set up I like.

      I stopped at the hobbyshop on the way to the airport to pick up some model mags, When I left, it was with a $40 Big T kit that the box was kinda crunched on. No damage to anything inside. Already got my next project.
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    The flattie blower manifold is easy. I should have one somewhere. Ive got a very nice Carson top for the Deuce but Its not even close to being molded and ready for sale.

    Perhaps converting the rag-top. Ive got one if you want it. Just PM me. :)

  2. BigN's Avatar Active Member
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    maybe I just chop the ragtop, it that a common thing?

    Carson top? flathead blower????

  3. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    That's what I did. I chopped the ragtop and reshaped it. Then I sanded it smooth. Nest, I'll be covering it with some padding and skived leather. That's where I put in the final surface detail.
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