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      Anyone out there building any 1/16th Model A's?

      I just picked up the newest one in the Hot 1/16th Model A's Rod versions from Minicraft, the Flamin' Flathead Hot 1/16th Model A's Rod Sedan. This one is deffinately a treat since all of the hot 1/16th Model A's rod suspension parts that were painted in the Pickup and Roadster kits, are now chrome. The painted steel wheels that were in the first issue Roadster are now chrome. And the big bonus for all the guys out there that like extra parts, this kit has all of the stock parts except for the tires!

      Lastly, I just posted some pics in my album of the 1/16th Model A Coupe body my good friend Ron at RMR Resin 1/16th Model A's is now selling. It fills the gap for the one forgotten but popular body style that Minicraft never made a kit of. He's offering it with a stock or chopped top and a stock or drilled visor.

      Chopped Coupe shown with a 1/16th 32 Grille shell he also makes

      Stock height top

      Ron is finally starting to get back into large scale stuff and here a few other items he's offering:

      1/16th Scale 400TH Transmission

      1/16th Scale Moon Tank
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  1. keramh's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Jan 2008

    wonderfully, the coupe body is brilliant,
    really a pity this was never brought in this scale by a manufacturer as a kit.
    What does this cost and where one can get him?

    the modelkit databank for the scale 1/16

  2. whodaky's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Apr 2007
    Thanks for posting images of your friend Ron's resin 1/16th Model A's bodies.
    Does he have a web site. As I would be intersted in purchasing some of his bodies.
    Geoff aka whodaky

  3. flamefink's Avatar Active Member
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    Nov 2008
    The Coupe body includes the trunk lid, firewall, visor, dash and 32 grill shell for $40.00 +shipping

    He does have a website with pictures of a lot of the other bodies and parts he offers: Race Motor Replicas

    You can call or email him with any questions or to order at:
    Ron Andrews

    1/16th Model A's

  4. Hemi Killer's Avatar Active Member
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    Feb 2009
    Any new progress on this? I just picked up the Highboy kit, waiting anxiously for it to arrive.

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