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      Hey all,
      Since I've been asking all sorts of questions and not contributing anything in return, I figured it was high time to get some pictures posted. Now that I've got the resizing thing figured out, I can get things moving. To start off I'll just post the frame painted with Tamiya beginner's box stock Big Deuce build semigloss black. I know it's not much, but I figured it might be encouraging to a beginner like myself to see some pics of a basic build.


      beginner's box stock Big Deuce build

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      beginner's box stock Big Deuce build-32frame1-jpg 

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    I have to agree with Drew 110% on this one. If you search the site for threads on priming and surface prep, you should find enough info to get you over the hard parts. I think I may have done one or two tutorials myself on the subject. Like Drew said, because of the large scale, you actually need to work as if you're doing it on the real thing. You'll definitely see the difference in the final result. If you need any help to get your ideal result, please don't hesitate to ask. There are a number of us that can get you on the right track. :)':)':)'
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

  2. oldskoolfool's Avatar Active Member
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    Hey Drew,

    Unfortunately you're right, I didn't used primer beginner's box stock Big Deuce build . Thanks for explaining where the waves in the panels came from though, I was wondering what was going on.

    I've got a couple of coats of the Tamiya beginner's box stock Big Deuce build semi-gloss black on at this point, and other than the warping and a couple of spots along the trim line that got scuffed when I was shaping it, the paint coverage looked decent. I just did a quick sand beginner's box stock Big Deuce build on the parts where the warping is most obvious, and they seem to be blending in after the previous coats have built up a bit. I don't know if I've got the heart to strip it all off and start again, although I understand it's the proper way to do it. I'm not sure why I didn't go with the primer beginner's box stock Big Deuce build first. It's not that I consciously chose not to do it, I think I just got anxious to get cracking and didn't think about it. I've used primer beginner's box stock Big Deuce build before on my AMT beginner's box stock Big Deuce build snap kit 49 merc police car. What happened in that case was I used some cheap black spray paint that crazed the plastic. I ended up using primer beginner's box stock Big Deuce build and sanding beginner's box stock Big Deuce build until the tiny cracks were covered and smoothed out. It saved that kit. I guess I didn't think to use it on this one as the plastic looked smooth enough to me.

    Coupe, I did a quick search for your tutorials, but didn't find anything. I'll check the search options and give it another shot - thanks!

    beginner's box stock Big Deuce build

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