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      The first photo is of a 32 5 window that I've converted into an extended cab pickup. Its an E Deuce body and I highly recommend their products. I saved the back of the body and may make a trailer out of it. I still have to run the belt line around the back of the cab and I'll do that with styrene 32 Extended Cab and Boydster .

      The second photo is of a RM Deuce that I'm trying to modify "Boydster" style. So far, I've taken a wedge cut out of the body, narrowed and slanted the cowl downwards, raised the wheel wells and sectioned the back of the body below the trunk. I still have to enlarge the ****pit, and scribe in the door gaps. Not sure yet if it will be full fendered or lowboy style.

      Yes I know, too many projects but thats what its all about, right?


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      32 Extended Cab and Boydster-img_0579_3-jpg  32 Extended Cab and Boydster-img_0580-jpg 

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    These 5w's seem to make good pickemups. Are you gonna round the cab corners off? If ya haven't run across it already, I've got a thread in Scratchbuilding that shows how I made the box for my rpu.

    Should get a pretty nasty rake outta the roadster. I might not like Boyd, but can certainly appreciate a good build regardless of the style.

    Keep us posted.

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    Thanks Glu. As for the pickup, I'm going to cut out the corners below the belt line and use verticle styrene 32 Extended Cab and Boydster strip to round them. Thanks for the tip on the box.


    32 Extended Cab and Boydster

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