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      Awhile ago I saw some Ardun heads for the Big Deuce 32 Ford but cant seem to find these now,anybody know where I might find these heads?Thanks.
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  1. flamefink's Avatar Active Member
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    I got mine from the SMC Store on ebay quite a while back. He told me he had a problem with the mold when he casted mine, so I'm not sure if he still offers them anymore. I hope he still does, because I'd like to get a nice set to replace the 2nds I have.

    You may want PM him to see if he still offers them.

  2. FLYTYM's Avatar Update Profile Please
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    Nov 2009
    I tried the SMC store but didnt have any luck but Ill keep looking for awhile.I really want a set of these pretty bad.Im going to build this as an early 50s style.Heres a few pictures with the Duvall WS and one with fenders.[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

    1/8 scale flat head parts.

  3. ScaleMotorcars's Avatar Administrator
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    Hey that thing looks familiar.

    Sorry for the late reply, Ive been so busy between work and trying to wrap up the SMCude body that I fell behind with my emails.

    Ill dig into the 2nd box and see if theres anything worth using.

    Check you email I sent you a message.

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