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      Hello folks. I have in my possession a brand new 1/8 426 Hemi with Torque Flyte transmission from TDR 1/8 Scale Hemi from TDR. . I've handled the pieces and did a few trial fittings. This is where I'll be posting all my reviews and the engine build. If everything goes as planned, this should serve as the instruction manual for the engine. At present, my main computer is still being repaired so my picture posting ability is still down. I should get the thing back in about a week and then I'll be posting away like normal.

      Now for the kit review. First of all, I have to say that this is the first time I've handled a kit made with such a highly technical method and it shows. These parts never came out of a metal mold or cast with silicone and resin 1/8 Scale Hemi from TDR. . They are cut out of solid materials guided by computer imaging. Therefore, there is no shrinkage or appreciable distortion of the parts. As a result, the fit of the parts together is fantastic, better than any other manufacturing method I've seen.

      The biggest problem I've seen so far is that because of the method of cutting, the surface is very rough and has to be sanded down. Some areas may be difficult to get into and get smooth. One solution as Rick pointed out to me would be to use a high build primer 1/8 Scale Hemi from TDR. or some type of filler in those hard to get at areas. Mr. Surfacer may also be helpful in some instances.

      Since the parts are made of ABS plastic, a different adhesive would be recommended.

      That's it for this installment. This week end, I'm going to start to prepare the parts for the build. More info next time.
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