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Thread: Willys Woody

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      I really don't need another project but Don's been bugging me to build a Woody so here goes.

      This project started off as an 8th scale MF fibreglass Willys coupe thats been cut down to a nose, cowl and windshield frame. Due to the excellent quality and strength of this body, cutting it up has had no consequences.

      I'm going to go wild on this project so here's what I've done so far:

      I've never liked the "bulk" of the Willys front end, especially the high and long hood, nose and the crown on the front fenders. So to start, I've cut away the fender crowns and lowered the tops of the fenders so that they follow the shape of the upper wheel well. This involved significant cutting and will be followed by filling the hole with scrap styrene Willys Woody and putty Willys Woody along with laying back the headlight pots. These modifications will involve a lot of sculpting, but I think it will be worth it in the end. In fact, it will be a good project while watching the Daytona 500 tomorrow!

      Once the fenders are done, I'll be takeing a 3/8ths inch section out of the cowl, just above the fenders. When thats done, I'll be able to pancake the hood and lean it forward towards the nose in an attempt to drop the overall profile of the body. I haven't yet decided whether or not to chop and lean back the windshield.

      I have a body shape in mind and it will be a combination of painted sheet styrene Willys Woody and wood. My base line comes from the old Dan Fink Speedwagon but with significant changes.

      I want to give a big "thank-you" to the members here who continually inspire me to be creative and build something different. Thanks to those members who so willingly share their work with the rest of us.

      Build Photos

      Willys Woody-001-jpg  Willys Woody-002-jpg  Willys Woody-003-jpg  Willys Woody-0001-jpg  Willys Woody-0002-jpg  Willys Woody-0003-jpg  Willys Woody-01-jpg 

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    Rick, you mentioned the 500...I'm not going this year even though I'm only about 55 miles away. Tom Cruise is driving the pace car (Camaro) Think I'll do the Sci-Fi thing and sulk.
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  2. Rick's Avatar Member
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    I've got the first fender started. I shaped the fender crown with styrene Willys Woody and have started the process of molding it all together, including the slanted headlight pot.

    Willys Woody
    Attached Images Attached Images Willys Woody-008-jpg  Willys Woody-009-jpg 

  3. Rick's Avatar Member
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    I've filled the holes in the fenders with styrene Willys Woody . The MF headlight buckets were glued in place and everything was molded with mud. After drying and some sanding Willys Woody this is where I'm at.

    Next up, I'll apply more mud to the tops of the fenders and sand Willys Woody to shape.

    Willys Woody
    Attached Images Attached Images Willys Woody-003-jpg  Willys Woody-004-jpg 

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