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      Things are kind of quiet these days. Its probably due to the time of year, but I'm wondering what everyone is building.

      As for me, I haven't been spending much time in the room due to family stuff and work. However, I'm still plugging away at a couple of engine projects, a Bugatti and most recently a 40 Willys Woody. The Woody is going to be a complex build so I'm doing lots of pre-planning. I'll be starting a thread soon and asking for your help. I'm also working behind the scenes on product development with Don and Tim.

      What are the rest of you doing?
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  1. Daytonatim's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Feb 2008
    I'm still working on the Quad Al. I hit kind of a snag at getting the engines mounted to the frame. Still running it around in my head though.

    Like you said free time has been rare with the summer hollidays, yard work, and the other projects. I would really like to get the Quad Al done in time for the model show in October in Toledo, Ohio.

    Well gotta go get the sun screen on the kids before they get in the pool. Another one of those summer jobs.
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  2. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Sep 2005
    I just got back yesterday from Illinois to visit my wife's family. We all did the 4th of July together watching the best fireworks display I've seen live. At the same time, I've been working on a P51 for one of my mom's doctor's father. For the last 2 weeks I've been working on the Merlin engine adding all the pipes and wires. There's lots of pipes and wires on one of those things. Next week, I'll be doing a lot of work on the flathead prize for the engine building contest. After that, it's back to the P38.
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  3. mouppe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Aug 2007
    I have the 1/12 Caterham 7 (there is a thread somewhere) and the Pocher Mercedes standing by for the finishing touches.

    After that, there should be a little baby appearing on the workbench at the end of July which will probably put a bit of a dent in the available hobby time!

  4. Lancair IV's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    May 2008
    I'm currently working on a Model Airways 1/16 scale Sopwith Camel. It's going really slow.

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  5. slingshot's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Jul 2007
    Not much time for building this summer, for once we are actually having a nice summer in Minnesota. I found some foam board at the dollar store that is 3/16 x 20 x 30 with heavy paper on each side that can be removed, it's pretty stiff but if you remove one side it's semi flexible and if you remove both sides it's pretty flexible. I scrapped the Chaparral out of insulation and started building it again out of this, much easier to work with but I have to design the internal structure as well, I'm building it like a wooden model airplane or boat. Building it curbside which will take me long enough, I would never finish it if I completely detailed it out.

    Also finely planning on starting a small model railroad, working on track plans now, might do N scale, I am also leading towards HO narrow gauge which will use N scale track and equipment.

  6. MojoDoctor's Avatar Active Member
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    Jan 2008
    I'm working (slowly, of course!) on the Revell Anybody Building? Freedom Chopper and am putting the Springer forks on it from the Revell Anybody Building? Softail.

    The chopper model is originally from the 70's and features square tube forks. Huh? Those had to go! The engine is a panhead with kickstart on a hardtail frame. I'm losing the tank too. Here's where I started.

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