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      I've gotten a little farther on it, I finished the replacement frame I received from Lindbergh and I removed all of the chrome parts from the engine to remove the chrome and I am just starting to detail the engine a little. I am also going to try using the pickup bed from the Revell Lindbergh CheckMaTe T: part 2 T. Also have the new firewall drawn up.

      I started scratch building the interior as I really don't like the kit interior, I was trying different materials and recently ran across some foam board that is 1/4" thick (20 X 30 inch sheets) at the dollar store and picked a couple up, they work great. They are pretty stiff, but you can remove the paper backing from one side or both sides depending on how flexible you want it to be, with both sides removed, it is pretty flexible. In the photo, I haven't removed any of the paper yet and left a little extra on top for final trimming. I am going to put a pattern on sides cut out of tag board (which will then be covered) can I was going to do a flame pattern, that it might go with something simpler for my first try, haven't decided yet.

      Wish I had more time to work on it!

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      Lindbergh CheckMaTe T: part 2-checkmate-jpg  Lindbergh CheckMaTe T: part 2-s6300218-1-jpg 

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