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      Hi all,
      I have decided to build a resin 32 Three Window Rat Rod build 3 window as a chopped, channeled and sectioned Rat Rod. The plan is to build it with a 5 inch section, 6 inch channel and an 8 inch mail slot chop. She will be running in the weeds.
      The power will be a flat head with trips (subject to change). Being built as a 50’s rod I don’t think I will box the frame. I can’t remember but I don’t think it was done back then by the back yard hot 32 Three Window Rat Rod build rod builder. Tires and Wheels will be wide white walls with red wire wheels and moon centers. Interior is going to be simple wood floor blanket covered seat or aluminum aircraft seats. I may open the door on the driver side not set yet. The plan as of now is to paint her in black Hot 32 Three Window Rat Rod build Rod Primer 32 Three Window Rat Rod build with a pin-up girl painted on the trunk or on the doors, that part is way down the road. This is the plan and that means if you have a plan you have something to change.
      So here are the first three pictures in the build.

      32 Three Window Rat Rod build

      Build Photos

      32 Three Window Rat Rod build-32-rat-rod-001-jpg  32 Three Window Rat Rod build-32-rat-rod-002-jpg  32 Three Window Rat Rod build-32-rat-rod-003-jpg 

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