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    1. mdlrk
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      I decided to start a new thread since there seems to be no one else building in the old Stevie's T transformation thread. Hope this is OK. So, I thought I would post some progress pics. I made a makeshift jig and cut aluminum tubing and did angles on each end....replaced the plastic headers. I went to radio shack and bought some 22 ga, black, and green.(30 ft of each color in a pack for $5.85). I also am working on wire looms for the spark plug wiring. I have been modifying the frame, too. Seems to be a never ending list of things to be done. I still need to finish the engine mounts for the front engine and do the boots at the plugs and set up the wire better. Now, the hard thing has been modifying a resin TzR... mdlrk's T Coupester rear cycle fender to fit the N-50 Goodrich tires. I am getting close to having a nice rear fender. I cut the fender in half length wise and put styrene TzR... mdlrk's T Coupester plastic between to widened them. I used small brass rod to run around the entire perimeter and filled, sanded, filled, sanded. I have one fender done(or almost) It will have to be cast then slightly modified to perfection. Then a recast and make mounting harware. I plan to have these rear fenders available in resin TzR... mdlrk's T Coupester some day as an accessory for the fat N-50s or if you use Rich's slicks and make them fit the fender width. Someday when I am happy with everything I'll paint this project......someday, over the rainbow...paint will fly! (Think Judy Garland here meets Pink Floyd) Anyway, every time something gets done a new thought arises as to what needs to be done. Since this is my 1st real 8scale build and I don't always know what to expect it seems to go slow. BUT, I am not in a hurry....I do enjoy the challenge and I keep an eye out for ideas from other builders posts. Thanks for visiting my post...hope it was enjoyable. Rick

      Build Photos

      TzR... mdlrk's T Coupester-aatrail-jpg  TzR... mdlrk's T Coupester-aatrail2-jpg  TzR... mdlrk's T Coupester-aatrail3-jpg  TzR... mdlrk's T Coupester-headers-jpg 

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  1. Rick's Avatar Member
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    I really like those fenders Rick. The brass wire will make a nice lip around the edge.

  2. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Way to go Rick.....consider filling in those rear quarter windows......more room for bizarre paint and a cleaner overall look.
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  3. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    That's looking really good. I'm likin' it alot.
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  4. Great work!! With the rear fenders it sorta looks like the Munsters Coach on steroids!!! Killer!!!
    It's a fine line between stupid and cleaver....
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