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      Just wanted to share a little something with you guys from the TDR TDR Innovations New Hardware Kits Skunk Works. I have been spending way too many hours at my computer pushing this new high detail rapid prototype material to new limits.

      It is tough for me to photograph but what you see here are bolt/washer pairs and nut/bolt/washer sets for 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch bolts. These nut/bolt/washers were printed up using the new FUD material on Shapeways. You will find the heads to be of correct size and shape (including the bevel on the nuts and bolt heads and the washers are SAE washer size (correct for automobiles).

      Look for a complete line of "plastic" hardware from TDR TDR Innovations New Hardware Kits Innovations in the very near future.

      Now for the best part. Those rodends you see in the pic are 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 rod ends. They are the correct size and shape for the Aurora high performance rod ends in real life. Now here is the kicker.......they are actually functional!!! That is right, the ball in the end of the rodends actually is free to move inside the frame of the rodend, just like the real thing. So now all those suspension systems out there can be truly fully functional!!!!

      Here is a link to our new hardware store. Everything is not in there yet but it will be soon!!

      TDR Innovations by tdr.innovations on Shapeways

      I will be interested to hear some good ideas of future hardware projects and use of these new rodends.

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    Tim, these stuff is great and I would love to buy some rod ends, bolts and nuts. How do you do that. Shapeways will not accept my email address and the site is confusing to find your products. It needs to be easier to get all the cool things you folks make, in my opinion. Ken
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    I agree with you completely Ken. That is why TDR TDR Innovations New Hardware Kits is in the process of developing our own website. We are trying to design the site so it will be easy to find our parts and will take you directly to the store listing for that part.

    It is not quite ready for prime time though. Hopefully soon.

    Oh, by the way, the rodends are not in the Shapeways catalog just yet. The ones I printed up were test parts, just to see if it would work. I will get them up in the catalog very soon.


    TDR Innovations New Hardware Kits
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    hey tim the engine kits ive bought really are out standing and you really do an excellent job on them

    its great seeing the limits being pushed. keep up the great service

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    It's great to see you guys pushing to keep our hobby alive in the 21st century. Functional rod ends are a GREAT use for the capabilities of the 3D printing technology! Keep up the great work Tim & everyone else at TDR TDR Innovations New Hardware Kits !
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