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      I have a soft spot for old 40s/ early 50s styled customs. Preferably 1936 Fords and 1939/40 Mercurys. Is there anyone that have made those in resin Large scale pre war Fords or mercurys? or any other material in larges scale. Say 1/12-1/8. The body is most important. I might scavenge other parts and scratchbuild frame and interior.
      The largest I know of is 1/18 die cast and the Jesse James Radio Controlled 1936 5 window. (Scale about 1/12 I think)
      Any guidance would be aprecciated.

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  1. MADD FABRICATOR's Avatar Established Member
    Richard D. Zimmerman
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    The Jesse James R-C chevy was 1/6th scale , the same as the " BIG" Willy's that was on the market years ago.
    As far as I know there is nothing of that vintage in 1/8th scale. There were some other R-C car bodies made from clear lexan plastic of that era but they were 1/10 or 1/12th size and not very true to scale. Those could be used as a basis to create some wild custom cars, as modifying them would not detract from their original non scale appearance to start with. For those type bodies your best bet at buying one is either on eBay ( search "1/12th Radio control" or "vintage radio control", or a hobby shop that specializes in R-C cars).
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  2. ScaleMotorcars's Avatar Administrator
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    Like he said try 1/12 scale on eBay or in your local hobby shop. Most of the 1/12 and 1/10 scale tend to be close to 1/8th and wish some minor tweaking you can pull it off.

    Now I know Im going to get myself in trouble but I do have the 50 Ford in 1/8th scale but. Im just not sure when Ill be able to finally put it into production.

    A few more pics here.


  3. whodaky's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    This might be worth a look. I have may hours of work in it so far. A lot more to do. Haven't worked on it in a long while. It is 1/6th
    Geoff aka whodaky

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