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As you all know SMC keeps me busy. Ive been dealing with hackers and spammers for the last few months. Now that all the loopholes have been filled in with cement I can finally get back to my project.

Originally I planned on using the Real Stuff all steel roadster but the Ive switched gears and will now be using the standard Big Deuce. Ill explain why later in this build.

This is where I left off. Next on the list of to-do's is the frame. I need to figure out a new firewall and mounts. Once the motor is fitted Ill finish casting Offy powered deuce- Back to building a metal parts for the motor.

Please bare with me, I'm slow as hell when it comes to building, we may be here for some time....

This is where the I left off.
Is there a way that we can help you? how can we deal with hackers? that is scary.