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      Not Supported Kit Bashed Restoration

      My latest project is a rebuild of the dragster SUPER DIGGER. I have 1 1/2 of them, so I decided to put the incomplete one to good use. I measured all the missing pieces from the complete model and had the parts 3D printed. Unfortunately the kit states it is a 1/12 scale, but it is NOT. 1/10 scale is more accurate. The model I rebuilt didn't have a motor, so I used a PARMA hemi kit and it works just fine. Enclosed are some pics to look at. An original model is pictured for reference.


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      Super Digger re-visited.-20220530_203707-jpg  Super Digger re-visited.-20220726_214109-jpg  Super Digger re-visited.-20221001_221417-jpg  Super Digger re-visited.-20221001_221446-jpg  Super Digger re-visited.-20221001_221509-jpg  Super Digger re-visited.-20221001_221531-jpg  Super Digger re-visited.-20221001_221540-jpg  Super Digger re-visited.-20221001_221700-jpg 

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