Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale
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Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale
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    1. Kit: , by (VIP/Sponsor) xken is offline
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      Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale-sb00-jpg Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale-4motorbodyoff-jpg

      I built this model as a young lad with my father's help at times and have been intrigued by it ever since and always wanted to scratch build Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale it. Building four engines from scratch just seemed a task that I was not ready to tackle. Recently I have been extremely busy building, designing and developing model ship kits fro M.E. and have been looking for a personal project to keep me from going KNOTS. Anyway I came across a site offering a 1/8 scale Buick Nailhead cast resin Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale engine and after a little discussion reached a fair deal to purchase four engines knowing that some parts would require significant modifications.

      In doing research, I discovered that the Showboat itself underwent changes as it evolved to its final configuration as seen above along with an image of it in its earlier days with no body. Could very well be test runs. I also discovered on the H.A.M.B. site photos posted by the original builder and the replica builder which will be my reference resource. The Revel kit while in its day a good model but has a few major discrepancies the greatest being the oil pan configurations. I have also seen the die-cast model as well which is also creative in some details. Working from photos only and my own research I may also have to get creative with some small details.

      The initial build challenges I for see are the alignment of the four engines and the centerline of the 14 exhaust pipes; two point down on the left bank of engines. Hopefully, Mr. Geometry and Mr. Physics will help me along the way.

      First will be the clean up, drilling and milling of the cast parts. Since I have not done any extensive work with resin Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale I will now have a new learning experience and this will be a mixed media build. If anyone out there has any information or detailed personal pictures please share I will need all the help I can get on information.

      Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale
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  1. Roger Zimmermann's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
    Join Date
    May 2012
    Nice! I understand your concern about chrome plating; however, I still prefer to let my parts be chromed by a plating company; I'm not at ease with chemicals.

  2. xken's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
    Join Date
    Aug 2008
    Roger, thanks for stopping by and I really enjoy watching your build and how you solve problems.
    As for the chroming materials there are two types of chroming materials- "hard chrome" and "copy chrome" the hard chrome is the one with the hazardous off gases and materials used by commercial platers; while the copy chrome was developed by Caswell targeting the hobbyists and DIY car restorers. I have used Caswell Plating systems for years now and there is no off gassing or smell with the Copper, Nickel and Copy Chrome. The advantage for me is saving time, I can build a small part, fitted to the build to check it then remove and plate it right away. No building a tree Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale
    of parts and sending them off and hoping the plater does not lose them or having to wait for their return. I live in California a state that really goes overboard on hazardous materials.
    Anyway keep up the great work you are doing!

    Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale
    "In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is strength. In water there is bacteria."


  3. xken's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Aug 2008
    Finally finished up all the exhaust pipe flanges and chromed all the flanges and pipes and removed and polished all the block bolt heads when fitting the pipes. It is starting to now look more like the real engines. Next I will work on the engine mounts to be fitted for the 5/16" frame rails.I also received a third CD from the original builder with incredible detailed photos of the actual build. Looking through the files is like adult car guy porn. Thanks to these pictures I should attain great detailed accuracy for this build. Here are a few pictures of the pipes in place.

    Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale-exhaust-pipes-11-jpg

    Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale-exhaust-pipes-12-jpg

    Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale-exhaust-pipes-13-jpg

    Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale-exhaust-pipes-14-jpg

    Now to sort out the engine mounts.

    Tommy Ivo's Showboat 1/8 Scale
    "In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is strength. In water there is bacteria."


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