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      That's all I'm gonna say. I'll let you all discover what I'm doing as the build progresses (or degenerates). I started with a Lindberg dragster kit and something else. I'll reveal exactly what else later on. For now, here's the frame after three days of hacking... er... "expert fabrication. You decide.

      Oh, and as the name implies, it will be yellow. Very yellow.

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      The Banana Boat- A weird dragster-img_0566-jpg 

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    After paint and with some parts installed, you can see where this is going. The engine is from the Grim Reaper chopper kit, and it's not bad once you paint it up. Better than I expected. Primary drive is an extra chain from the Tamiya The Banana Boat- A weird dragster Gorilla kit, clutch drum is a Lindberg supercharger pulley. Final drive sprocket is a Monogram Trans Am air cleaner lid. Hey, whatever works.

    The transmission was giving me fits. Harleys have a coaxial input/output which puts the final drive on the left, which doesn't work at all for this. BUT the Sportster uses a right-side final drive, so... this is now a Sportster gearbox. Right? Sure it is.

    I cut a section out of the supercharger to make it a 3-71, which is still a bit large for the application, but not obscenely so. It occurs to me that it's spinning the wrong way. I may have to correct that.

    I'd like to use the wire wheels, but the tires don't fit and they're kinda ugly anyway. We'll see if an alternative presents itself.

    The paint is fluorescent yellow. It's bright under artificial light, and you should see it in the sun. Yowza. Final pic shows the body installed. It actually balances on three wheels but wants to heel over to the right.

    Anyway, that's where I'm at for now. Going away for a few days so this can marinate.

    The Banana Boat- A weird dragster
    Attached Images Attached Images The Banana Boat- A weird dragster-img_0567-jpg  The Banana Boat- A weird dragster-img_0570-jpg  The Banana Boat- A weird dragster-img_0571-jpg  The Banana Boat- A weird dragster-img_0569-jpg 
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