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      Hey guys,

      I hope everyone is fine.

      First off, I'd like to apologize for not being a more steady contributor to the forum over the last year or so. I have had a few distractions but it was always my intent to return when the time was right.

      I am excited to be back in the shop building again so I just wanted to bring you guys up to date on my projects. I am witholding any photos until the individual projects are complete and then I will post them. That shouldn't be long as the first deuce is nearly complete.

      This first project is a continuation (salvage actually) of the Emerald Deuce. As some of you may recall, this car will feature z'd rear frame rails and notched front and rear rails. I am making a few more modifications to the suspension but it will be basically the Emerald setup (4-bar front and rear). I am making new shocks and coil-overs for the rear.

      Body is ready for primer Crazy Stevie update . Grill shell is dropped to compensate for the notched front. I am using the sectioned radiator I built before.

      I am still toying with electronics. I think that working lights have a dramatic effect on photographs - especially when the pictures are taken at dusk or dawn with a picturesque backdrop. I have a prototype gauge set made up with individual "grain of rice" bulbs for each gauge. I'm still working on the gauges themselves - trying to better replicate the 1/2" (scale) space between the glass lens and the gauge face.

      I also took a another shot at carving a wood rim steering wheel out of a single piece of dark walnut (thanks again Senor McGurk). The work is tedious but the result is dramatic. It involves epoxying a piece of walnut the diameter of a steering wheel to a piece of sheet aluminum and the using your nibbler to cut out the shape. Trim and shape, stain and decopauge. Make two and epoxy Crazy Stevie update together for a complete wheel. Sounds easy, eh?

      Well, I must get back to work. More to come later.

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  1. Rick's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2006
    Welcome back Steve! How about giveing us a tutorial on makeing that steering sheel.

  2. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Sep 2005
    Welcome back Steve!!!! Those projects sound incredible. It's good to see you back in the shop doing what you do best. I like the idea of the electric setup and the steering wheel is a fantastic idea. Good to have you back. Now the whole group is here.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

  3. Deuces-wild's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2005
    Welcome back Stevie D.
    Be nice or else ~1~**

  4. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Sep 2005
    We missed ya buddy.........Not gonna say "Welcome Back" because in my mind you never left.
    Grandpa McGurk.....Steppin' Large and Livin' easy.

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