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      Hi all
      This is my first post so not sure if this is where this goes. These are pictures of 1/12 scale 57 Chevy I'm turning into a 60's Era gasser. It has a scratch built Pics of my 1/12 scale mostly scratch built Monogram 57 Chevy gasser straight axle with working suspension and turning wheels and tires. It also has a 9" Ford rear end with disc brakes and a scratch built Pics of my 1/12 scale mostly scratch built Monogram 57 Chevy gasser 4-link with coil overs that work it also has a 60's Era track bar set-up. The wheels are from a 1/12 scale kit, not sure witch one, I got them from ebay. They are a old centerline style wheel I think. I modifed them to make 4" wide ones for the front and 13" wide for the rear. The front tires are from a Monogram 57 Chevy kit I modified by cutting down the tread to narrow them. It took all 4 of the Firestone tires to make 2 skinny ones. This left 4 halves that I glued together to make a approximate G-70 size tire I will use for another build. The rear tires are the slicks from 2 old Monogram Red Baron kits that I cut down the tread area close to the edge in order to make two 29 1/2" diameter by 16 1/4" section width with a 13 1/4" tread width. I wish I could still get the Red Baron kits but I think that's a pipe dream. So here are some pics to look at. Please let me know what you think.

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