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      As you know TDR Multi-media Offy egine is a company that was formed by modelers for modelers, keeping that in mind and understanding that we do listen to your feedback........we decided to give this a try.

      Many of you like the rapid prototype parts due to the built in detail, accuracy etc. that is possible. However, some folks have a real aversion to sanding Multi-media Offy egine and finishing out the little fiddly parts. Understandable, for sure....the time involved may not be your cup of tea.

      We took our RP Multi-media Offy egine Offy kit, did the finish work for you on many of the parts and cast them in resin Multi-media Offy egine . Things like the block and head are still done RP Multi-media Offy egine as the sand Multi-media Offy egine cast finish can be used to your advantage to build a realistic looking model or are simply impossible for us to cast in resin Multi-media Offy egine .

      For a Limited Time ONLY!!!!
      Multimedia Multi-media Offy egine Offenhauser Engine Kit.

      This new, limited time offer, kit includes the following parts:

      50 finished resin Multi-media Offy egine parts
      10 Rapid prototyped parts
      As a bonus you will also receive a resin Multi-media Offy egine Ford 3 speed manual transmission with starter

      We will only do these kits in special batch runs of 8 at a time and Tim will be taking a few to the NNL show.
      So as a heads up....if you would like one, take advantage of our 20% OFF sale before they are all gone.

      Below are some pics of the kit as I received it, this one will be going to Rick for his M.F. fiberglass bodied track T build.
      There are pics, exploded views and plenty of info on the TDR Multi-media Offy egine website to help you along with assembly.

      The first 3 pics are close-ups so that you can see the "cast look" finish on the block and head.....keep in mind these are much larger than the actual parts.

      Below are pics of the resin Multi-media Offy egine parts...note that the finned parts (difficult to finish) have been done. So there you have it ....a kit that requires only minimal finishing to produce a highly detailed model.

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  1. Rick's Avatar Member
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    Thanks Don! I'm looking forward to building the Offy kit for my MF T roadster. Syd's tutorial will be a great help, but look fwd to some trick induction and exhaust stuff.

  2. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    This should make it a lot easier for many builders. Great idea.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

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