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      Its been a while since I've posted here so its time for an update on a couple of my projects.

      My Willys coupe is a mix of an MF glass body and TDR 8th Scale Pro Street Willys parts. So far, the only modifications to the body are opening up the trunk and removing the firewall.

      The TDR 8th Scale Pro Street Willys chassis is an excellent piece but it needed some modifications in order for it to work under the Willys body. As you will see in the photos, I'm in the midst of bending up a roll cage, building rear wheel tubs and adding a floor. In addition, I'll be adding some additional X members, rack and pinion steering and a panhard bar for the rear end.

      Power comes from a heavily modified TDR 8th Scale Pro Street Willys hemi to which will be attached a George Zurowski bellhousing and a Lenco trans from Dave.

      Build Photos

      8th Scale Pro Street Willys-001-1-jpg  8th Scale Pro Street Willys-002-4-jpg  8th Scale Pro Street Willys-003-2-jpg  8th Scale Pro Street Willys-002-5-jpg  8th Scale Pro Street Willys-015-1-jpg 

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  1. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Great frame, Rick. That MF body is a real winner. That's really going ot come together nicely.
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  2. Rick's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2006
    Thanks Jeff. It sure helps when you have good aftermarket parts to play with and fellow modellers like Dave who help out with real life photos.

    8th Scale Pro Street Willys

  3. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Sep 2005
    Rick, I really like what you've done with this's got the "look".
    She sits a bit low on the frame for my tatses (I'd like to see just a little more rubber above the wheel rims) but that's just me. I drive myself nutz thinking about things like is there enough clearance for the front wheels to turn without the tires hitting the fenders especially when cornering.
    I know it's a model but I've spent so many years working on 1:1 8th Scale Pro Street Willys stuff I can't seem to shake the full size mentality. Yeah I know......I need professional help.

    You going with a nuts & bolts interior or are you going to bling it up some?
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  4. Rick's Avatar Member
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    Don, one day I'm gonna visit your village and we'll have a chat (over a few browns) about the "look" vs functionality. I give thought to that to, but at the end of the build I'm still stuck with the idea that its a model so why not build it for the looks.

    My plan is to detail the chassis and interior so that it can all be seen with the body off.

    8th Scale Pro Street Willys

  5. comp1839's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    rick, this is looking to be one sweet ride! it's all looking great from where i'm sitting. it's been a pleasure helpin' out. keep up the killer work!

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