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      I started making the recovery of Napoleon coach built for fischers body contest craftsman guild in 1932, is a very delicate piece and which is badly damaged, it is my interest to recover as it was in 1930, so I'll try to make the broken parts same as the origin. those are missing, I'll do them from the original plan I have. in the construction of my coaches I always like to start the wheels, is what I'm getting in the carriage of Napoleon, the wheels are already consolidated and sanded, ready to lead a coat of primer fischers body coache paint. here are some pictures of this work. Josť.

      fischers body coache
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    As you can see from the images, the exterior of the box is almost complete, the side sections of the front and rear, are made separately, as can be seen, for the sake of facilitating the work and a better perfection in finish and better clarity in prominors, also gave a primer fischers body coache paint on the access door on the back, to test the colors and see how they fit in together, I hope you enjoy watching this progress, thanks for visiting my blog.

    fischers body coache-003-jpgfischers body coache-004-2-jpgfischers body coache-004-jpgfischers body coache-005-pia-jpgfischers body coache-006-jpgfischers body coache-007-2-jpgfischers body coache-008-jpgfischers body coache-011-jpgfischers body coache-009-jpg

    fischers body coache

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    [b]beautiful! [/b]
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