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      Here is a link to the Model Expo announcement. I will now start to post build pictures now that the announcement has gone public.

      Here is a picture of the real 1869 Allerton

      Article: 1/12 Scale 1869 Allerton Steam Pumper-allerton-front-jpg


      Article: 1/12 Scale 1869 Allerton Steam Pumper
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    Quote Originally Posted by xken View Post
    Jim, Sorry to hear about the issues you had. I as the kit designer can only recommend certain sourced material like the laces and what is supplied with the kit is beyond my control. What I used for the "proof of build" was a tubular athletic shoe lace. The bolt issue was identified and addressed and they should have been 3/8" long not the 1/4" supplied. I do not get to see the final package that Model Expo sells to the public only cast and laser cut parts supplied for the "proof of build" so I do not know of the differences between the parts and instructions. I was able to build with no issues on the parts I received; however the one major change before production was to change the stainless steel boiler sheets from .010" to .005" for easier forming. Even they admit that this is the most complicated kit they have ever done. The follow on kit is the ladder wagon that they have everything to take to production when they decide to do it.

    I am glad to hear that your wife enjoys it.
    Thanks for following up! To further update......Model-expo did contact me and we discussed my issues with the kit. They were willing to send me replacement parts based on what I had communicated but by then I had already finished the kit with my own adaptations. I did have a very early release kit so some things had already been changed and they are going to change a few other things like the too small chain provided and the hose material, I guess. Model-expo is a good outfit and I am glad they responded as they always have. It may be that with their move and the Holidays things were a bit hectic.
    On anther note, one of my MSW friends was very complimentary of your willingness to help via phone call or whatever....perhaps on my next build of one of your designs!


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    I use Krylon metal paint in spray for brass and copper , but for the very little part can i use spray paint on a small brush ? for obtain the same color or i really did to paint very all parts with spray?
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