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      This thread is being posted at Ken's (very kind) urging. It's being done ONLY to illustrate what happens when two builders use the same set of plans to build the same vehicle...or, at least, what CAN happen. Even with the plans and measurements in front of the builder there is great room for interpretation. This is not a bad thing and, in fact, is exactly what happened back in the 'good ol' days' with the builders of the original 1:1 Another Buckboard 's. They might be seperated by as little as the distance from one town to the next and still have significant differences between what 'should' be identical vehicles. As time goes by I'll attempt to attach a few photo's of things that are different between the two models...but only to illustrate how the same process was approached from two angles.

      The first difference is that Ken built at 1:12...and mine is at 1:8. At 1:8 my 'little bitties" are WAYYYYY bigger than his...and much easier to handle. If I wanted to find a way to go completely crazy why I'd just build at 1:12

      At 1:8 I was able to use street sweeper brush for the tyres as it's almost exactly in scale. It's actually spring steel but anneals quite nicely for soldering (or drilling). Another immediate marked difference is choice of materials as I used brass and American Black Walnut. This immediately took the model out of 'museum quality build'...but I rather like the look of brass and walnut that's the way it got built

      More to follow....sometime...............

      Cheers - Gus

      Another Buckboard-buckboarddone010-jpg

      Another Buckboard
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    Great tutorial on the wheels. It has been almost year since your last posting. I want to see more of your HDV work. How about posting your spring wagon here? That was a very nice build.


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    Y like it, so good! wonderful, fantastic.

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