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Thread: 1/8 decals

  1. sydeem's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Aug 2006
    Has anyone made up a 1/8 decal 1/8 decals sheet for manufacturers? I was looking for various manufacturers logos to maybe copy into Photoshop to make a decal 1/8 decals sheet. Not an easy job then I thought, hey someone must have thought of this before now.

    I was appalled at the listings when I searched for fuel pumps and came up with tons of Chinese companies and only a couple of ours. Do the Chinese have to make everything we buy???

  2. 88Proof's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Oct 2005
    Please don't feel I'm being sacastic by this reply. The Chinese and any other country will make it as long as we buy it,:confused: it's a fact that most everyone wants to save money and to buy it cheaper, so the easiest way to save money is labor, next is materials, and last companies are driven by bigger profits."""" Now on a lighter note, we are in desperate need for manufacturer decals, I would love to see a set like Slixx does in 1/24th of all 50's then 60's and then 70's. It would be nice to see nore than 2 each of a popular one too since you might build at least 2 cars. If you do them, I will buy them. Thanks for stepping up to the plate. Keith 88proof.l: l: l:

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    I have a supplier for 1/8th decals (all types) sheets covered with sponsers, Mr. Horsepower, Mooneyes, Jahns, Oil Companies, Rat Fink etc. I recently sent a sheet to Donsrods1....the cost for the sponser sheet is around 14 bucks plus $4.05 for priority shipping. I think he still does custom stuff too.
    Contact me by email and I'll see what I can do.
    Grandpa McGurk.....Steppin' Large and Livin' easy.

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    To add to the subject theres plenty of info on the net about printing your own. Theres several ways to go about it. Easiest and cheapest is to order white backed decal 1/8 decals sheets. Believe me theres plenty of retails. Do a google search and you should find a bunch.

    Best to use a laser printer but a standard bubble jet works fine. You will have to seal the deal is you use a bubble jet. Use the scale calculator from SMC and most any graphics software that came with your puter to scale the images you want as decals. Then its a simple matter a print/seal and stick.

    Now for someone a little more serious. ALPS 5000 Dry sub printer. Shouldn't cost you $500+ for a good one. Same basic deal as above but you can print white and it seals the decal 1/8 decals after printing. The resolution is 10 times better also. Ive 2 of the ALPS 5000 but Im not going to get started with the decals until after the move. l:

  5. donsrods1's Avatar Active Member
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    Jan 2007
    don garrett sent me a set of decals and i must say there worth the may think the cost is high but keep in mind 1/24 1/25 decal 1/8 decals sheets can run u anywere from $5.00 to $18 00 bucks a sheet.i have a buddy in s.c who does alps decals.alps has moved back over seas and no sales or repair reps are now the ink is hard to get and cost so he has gone under and is doing very limited runs and there not cheap.keepingall this in mind these sheets are worth it or you can just use the run of the mill crap out there that were forced to use.well theres my 47 cents don:cool:

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