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  1. Ian S's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2014
    About 23 years ago I did my first Pocher , an F40, then a Testarossa and finally a Porsche 911. I just basically threw them together and felt quite happy. Now I have just bought an Aventador and this time I want to try and detail it somewhat.
    I am looking to buy an inexpensive airbrush Help needed and don't know which one to try. I would like to use Alclad Help needed as I am very impressed with what I have seen. This will be the first time I have tried this so its a real gamble.
    any advice on what to buy and how best to use it would be great.
    As soon as I get the guts up I will start the Aventador
    cheers Ian

  2. Steven Rawson's Avatar Active Member
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    Feb 2015
    lan , Hello ,As all things are , you will be better off spending a little more and purchasing a double action they are easier to use and you will have better results. Miy brush is a Paashe dbl.action and it is about 30 years old. Their are other brands that more comfortable to use. Buy extra paint cups I ended up buying a half dozen extras. My compressor was purchased at Home Depot on sale for $100.oo I used it for my contracting business plenty of air to run two air nailers,one draw back it is loud . I run my pressure at 30 to 40 lbs. with lacquer Help needed , I move fast and close ,not a recommended practice but it works for me. You will have to practice and find what will work for you . Don't give up on it practice will promote confidence. Before long you will buying pearl Help needed powders on e-bay and be mixing clear lacquer Help needed for your own custom colors.
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