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    Dan has been trying to improve the looks of the forum and make it easier and more enjoyable for you members. He is knee deep in alligators trying to keep up with everything. I asked our resident pixel bender if he would consider giving us a hand with the forum and graphics, he agreed. Welcome the newest member of our staff.....Glu. He is now a moderator along with Jeff and myself. We have been messing up our playground lately (we are all guilty) bumping threads, posting things that belong in Off Topic on other folks threads, etc. It's our forum so let's do a little housekeeping. I'm going to stop at this point and let Chris have his say....he has some really good ideas so let's see if we can get this organized before it becomes impossible to find anything. We are growing almost daily so let's make a few changes now and stick with 'em. Any suggestions, input or dislikes belong on this thread....O.K?
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    Thanks Don...

    I was glad to accept the offer to help out here. We've got a great start here and lotsa great folks to keep things interesting. :D Up 'til lately, it was still pretty easy to follow our thread-jumping styles of conversation but as we grow in membership it will get tough to know where to find stuff. Heheh I think Dan, Don, Jeff, and myself are prob'ly the guiltiest people, so just *us* shaping up should make a big difference.

    We're gonna do a little housecleaning on a few threads to help them be easier to follow for new folks who come along. No huge changes...OT is still ok, but we might delete some silliness and move some stuff to the thread it belongs in. May be a case or two where something OT for the thread it's in just get's it's own thread. I'll try to pm anyone who's posts get moved or deleted, but from here out lets all try to keep thread continuity in mind, and start new threads for new thoughts and projects instead of changing the directions of existing threads.

    And we've all seen Dan playin' with the look of the site. I had some ideas and have been asked to help him get it all lookin' spiffy. Over the next week there will be lots of little changes to the look of the site, but it will still funtion like we are all used to.

    Like Don said, we're growing fast...let's get it right now then we don't have to worry about it overwhelming anyone later.

    If you have any questions or concerns, we're here to help.

    Thanks all,
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    I think the forum was great when it started and still is, all the changes have only added to its usability

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    Hey Glu, glad to have you as a moderator. I have to agree with all that cleaning up the playground is the right idea. Now that we're approaching 100 members, we need to tighten the organization so things stay user friendly and on right on target. I'd hate to see things get unwieldy and people get too frustrated with the goings on. It's vital to our continued growth and survival.
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