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Thread: Trumpeter GT40

  1. mouppe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    You could argue that Pocher kits are appalling because of their poor parts' fit and historical inaccuracies.

    On the other hand- and this is the camp that I fall into- you could argue that they are among the finest ever made because of their sheer ambition of scale, the number of parts, the ability for good modellers to customise parts and even whole sub-assemblies etc.

    The kits provide the FRAMEWORK for good modellers to operate within, whereas for other modellers looking to build out of the box, they can be very frustrating.

    As for the GT40, Trumpeter have an excellent record with regards to parts fit. I haven't seen the kit up close so I cannot say any more about it.


  2. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Looks like we have a very well thought out thread going here, and some very interesting outlooks and opinions. Well done guys. There seems to be no bashing brewing just informative chatter between fellow modelers. This is good stuff, it proves that regardless of skill level a kit can be discussed and the good points as well as it's shortcomings viewed from ones particular likes and dislikes for the rest of our members to decide what fits into their budget and ability.
    Personally I doubt that I will ever purchase the GT 40, not because of the kit but because 1/8th and larger is my playground. I have a few smaller excellent (in my opinion) kits collecting dust in the storage closet.

    I was totally blown away by the the 1/6th Tamiya Trumpeter GT40 road racing Honda with it's individual chain links etc. when I was a young fella.

    Shoot, I even have a few of those (at the time) 49-98 cent kits with plastic wheels and a whopping total of a dozen parts. Clunky by todays standards but treasures to me.
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    Hey Don, were those the old Aurora kits you're talking about or the small Lindy kits? If you can name a few of those brands, I think I'll have a nostalgic moment. Every time I got 5 bucks from my grandfather for my birthday, it was off to the 5 and dime for a half dozen of those models. Kept me busy for about 4 days.

    Mouppe, I like how you put that about providing a framework for the builder. That hits the nail on the head. It's sometimes unfortunate that not every kit is appropriate for every builder because I know a number of builders who just haven't yet developed their full potential. I know that at times it kills me that some of the subjects I'd love to do are a bit beyond me at this point. I'm still developing however and I hope I can get to some of those subjects before I'm too old to remember my own name. Catch you later,

    hot Trumpeter GT40 --- er --- oh crap!
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)

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    In regard to model shows, I’ve had a couple of different experiences with them.

    Each year, our club puts on the largest show in the Southeast. Because we desire to not get into formal “judging”, ours is a “popular choice” vote by the attendees. As no one else in our club does large scale, and because my stuff seems to take forever, I build some 1/24th stuff during the year and enter them without any delusions of winning. I participate to be a part of the whole.

    We have some world class modelers enter and they generally win their class and/or best of show. I have noticed, as you have, that the curbside slammer with an inch thick paint job will often trump a well, but not the obsessively so, detailed subject with an [I]appropriate [/I] paintjob. And to be fair, all else being equal, the large scale model seems to best the smaller scale.

    This is all to say that, as with most of our society, the general populace favors glitz (sex) over substance.

    The second experience was recently at an IPMS Trumpeter GT40 show, which many of you might know features plastic models [I]other than automotive[/I], although that’s changing. This is a “judged” show. Though the qualifications for same are a willingness to volunteer.

    While I have no clue what qualifies as a winning military or Star Wars model, I do know these exhibitors possess a real zeal for authenticity (“Say, shouldn’t that cockpit ladder strut be at an angle instead of straight?”). The judging of the automotive entries, I must say, was straight up and, in my opinion, the winners deserved their prizes.

    In a not unrelated subject, I have heard many complaints about the escalating prices of 1/24 model kits.

    Two thoughts: First, yes, we have all benefitted from the historically “low” cost of most kits. How else would we acquire closets full of them?

    Second, I do realize that $15-25 might be a lot of money for some people, especially kids. This might, however, spur the buyer of the kit to be more innovative and thoughtful about what it takes to complete it and do a better job.

    When I was a kid I was a big deal to be able to go to the hobby shop with a hard earned dollar to by one kit and almost none of them got painted except when I “borrowed” some of my brother’s paint-by-numbers oil paints! Two weeks to dry on the back shelf of our kerosene kitchen range. I tried my adolescent best on those early models, no kit-bashing, here! I wish now that I hadn’t taken a 40 year hiatus from the hobby.

    Well, that’s my off-the-wall essay for today.
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    Well's not the shows that I have issues with, it's the "expert" judging that starches my shorts. People are people, some go bananas over this make or model, subject matter, etc. and I believe it interferes with what I would consider unbiased judging.

    Shows are a wonderful thing..I thoroughly enjoy seeing what others are doing and the new twists guys are coming up with. However, I just can't tolerate some guy saying that a kids blood, sweat and tears doesn't deserve as much merit as someone that has deeper pockets or the ability to swing an air brush. Peoples choice is about as fair as I've seen so far. Anyone that takes the time to build a (as well as he or she is able) model to enter should win a trophy if any one is to get one. I know all too well I've scored some wins over smaller scales simply because you could see them from across the room...I love big scale....but some stuff just ain't right (in my mind). I attend shows....but I don't enter.
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  6. Deuces-wild's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    For those who are interested, has them in stock already.... Have at it guys an' gals!
    Be nice or else ~1~**

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