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    Here at SMC we like to keep it simple and we only have a few rules, however we will not hesitate to remove a disruptive member. We're here to provide a safe place to share what we know and learn what we don't and above all, have fun.

    [B]Forum rules:[/B]

    - No political/religious/racial posts.
    - No profanity, it will not be tolerated.
    - No spam, obscene or inappropriate images.
    - No discrimination.
    - No personal information. Please don't post your email or any other personal info. If you want to share that with another member then use the private message system.

    New Users: Please fill out your profile and fill in as much as you can. To start click here.

    New users are asked to introduce themselves in the introduction forum.

    [B]Guidelines to follow:[/B]

    - Please try to stay on topic. I'm not saying don't have fun but please keep the goofing off to the Off Topic forum.

    - Don't hijack someones thread. If you have something new to say start a new thread.

    - If in doubt, donít post it. If your still not sure ask a moderator or the admin in a PM. We'll be glad to help.

    That all said, please introduce yourself.
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