I'm posting this here 'cause it's an evaluation from a modeler's point of view, not as part of TDR TDR Modular Wheel/Tire Combo . Yeah, I can do that 'cause I'm talking with you fellow members that care to read this type of stuff.

To answer a question..."will the modular parts plug 'n play with existing R/M, Lindy stuff?"

NOPE, I fooled around with a bunch of kit parts and tires, and wheels blah,blah,blah.
A bit too small for R/M, too big for Lindy. Sure you can modify parts and tweak 'em into fitting...but too much hassle to get 'em to fit kit parts for most of us.

I'm excited with this kit and will give you all the good bad and ugly. A couple of minor changes need to be made simply because TDR TDR Modular Wheel/Tire Combo will not sell you guys parts that are less than the best we can do. Don't panic Rick....it won't delay your little roadster tire.

So...follow along for the next day or two and I'll post some pics and whatever for those interested.