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    Hi, thought I'd say hello rather than just 'lurk' around the forum!

    Having retired to France about 4 years ago, I have just started getting back into making models again. I'm lucky and we have some space over here so I have two workshops that I can use - the main one is at the top of the house where I have started building a narrow gauge railway (waited a long time to start that), but my other one, which is outside has a small spray-booth and space where I can build model cars.

    Currently I have a Pocher Bugatti T-50 on the go (actually started it a very long time ago, but work stopped play so to speak) and now just getting in to the Heller 1/8th Citroen Traction 15. This is an original Heller kit from 30 years ago would you believe. It's been carefully stored, so no problem with any of the parts. Both of these kits are proving 'fun' to build - I have replaced some of the inappropriate plastic bits in either of them with metal pieces turned up or fabricated, but it does slow down the build process!

    I haven't made a model (until I retired) for something like 20 years, but back in the 80's, early 90's I used to do it professionally - producing and building white-metal kits and models in 1/43 scale and larger. Also did a few masters for some kits and some on-off specials.

    The eyes aren't what they were no though, so good glasses, magnifying lamps etc. are the order of the day. Having fun though, re-learning all the skills and perhaps I will share some of my efforts with you all.

    Sorry, that wasn't meant to be a long intro......


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    Welcome Paul to our forum, it's ok to tell a long story about your self, not to many do, hope to see what you do when you do.

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