Hi guys,

It seems I never made proper introductions on this forum and I've been merely lurking all along.

Today I want to start a build topic about the Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix car I'll try building in 1/8th scale. Introducing myself seems the proper thing to do first.

I'm Roy van den Munckhof. My interests in modelling are quite wide but the last couple of years I have focussed on cars. The Delage I've been planning building will first have to be drawn in a 3D suite called Autodesk Fusion 360. I went to photograph and take dimensions of two of the four originally produced cars. After finalising the drawing I'll start work on lathe and mill. My current plan is to make video logs of my attempts and progress.

I've learned a lot from some wonderful and very knowledgable modellers on this forum (for example Thierry and Dan aka Propeller), also active on other forums.

Best regards to you all, Roy