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    RC4WD Beast II 6x6

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-rc4wd-beast-ii-jpg


    Reference is made to my introduction post to this forum, which I had joined a couple of months ago searching the Internet for tips and tricks in order to succeed in renovating a delapidated Pocher Mercedes 500K-AK that I had picked up at a rummage sale for peanuts some time ago.

    Besides that, as one of my main Hobbies and as described in my introduction post, I convert static car kits to well-running slot-cars, documenting every single conversion by an illustrated report.

    However, I gained the impression that this forum exclusively deals with scales larger than 1/32. So I refrain from posting anything regarding my slotcars but rather to post my report on the build of my newest project – the RC scale truck Beast II 6x6 (1/14) produced by RC4WD. My posts also serve the purpose of keeping up my English, which else would hardly be in use any longer as a consequence of having been forced into early retirement following my employer’s restructuring measures two years ago.

    So let’s go down an unconventional route and kick off this report with the figures involved in this project. Ultimately I build the Beast II 6x6 for THEM to sit in, drive and have some fun too 😊!

    I absolutely wanted to avoid a dollish figure such as this example:

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-0-jpg

    Searching the Web for a while revealed the following figures:

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-driver-harry-jpgRC4WD Beast II 6x6-female-co-driver-jpg

    Driver and Co-Driver, Scale 1/14, realistically and very well casted in resin RC4WD Beast II 6x6 – now that’s more like it! While these 2 figures were on their way to me, I continued my research and came across some action-figures that would just as well fit into the 1/14-scale. As in the couple of online-shops I regularly buy from, these figures had been reported to be of the last ones readily available, I also snapped those up (at a bargain-price).

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-5-jpg

    Size-wise they match perfectly to the 1/14 scale, however Michonne turned out to be a little «stiff around the hips» (due to the front lap of the shirt that is). So a seated position in the truck is out of question but the Beast II 6x6 has a roof hatch in the cabin – so letting her stand for observation might also be a possibility - let’s wait and see. Sasha on the other hand can easily be bent into a seated position – so lot’s of options there.

    Now let’s draw our attention to the two resin RC4WD Beast II 6x6
    figures again. The next foto shows them after a coat of Revell RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Aqua Color Basic Primer RC4WD Beast II 6x6 had been applied with my Badger 150-4 PK, an extremely reliable workhorse of an Airbrush RC4WD Beast II 6x6 that serves me for decades now. In order to avoid choking the spray-valve of the Airbrush RC4WD Beast II 6x6 , I diluted the Primer RC4WD Beast II 6x6 by one part Revell RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Aqua Color Mix to approx.
    2 ½ parts Revell RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Aqua Color Basic, which then works just fine.

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-4-jpg

    After a couple of days (the primer RC4WD Beast II 6x6 would have been dry after a few hours) I started painting with Revell RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Aqua Color flesh in two different shades and added a colour basecoat to the hair.

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-6-jpg

    Painting the faces was quite a challenge, as my hands are not as steady anymore as they used to be…

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-11-jpgRC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-15-jpgRC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-12-arrow-jpg

    But with a single bristle of a toothbrush, clamped into a pair of tweezers, I managed to paint the tiny details such as the highlights in the eyes. At a later stage, not reflected in the middle picture, I could even improve the eyes of the female figure by carefully running a black pen along the edge of the eyelid (not without rather strong magnifying glasses in front of MY eyes of course)!

    The faces done, I continued painting the clothes – a batik-style, emerald green leather-dress and natural coloured sneakers for the lady, whereas the driver wears a workers outfit.

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-figures-19-jpg

    Actually these two figures that will be driving and co-driving the Beast II 6x6 turned out quite well. Looking at them in reality his eyes by far do not look as gazing as they do on the picture (as we all know, fotos relentlessly reveal everything…).

    So finally time is up for the Beast II 6x6 itself – tataaa!

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-arrival-1-blackened-jpg


    This chapter (or at least part of it) might be of rather limited interest to those having already purchased «The Beast» or alike, however for any potential, future buyer this might be useful information, supplementing what is available on the Web already. So inside the larger of the two parcels we find…

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-1-jpg

    … the extremely sturdy, factory sealed (!) cardboard box, contents of which is about to be revealed, but not before an additional flap shows off the Logo quite prominently.

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-2-jpg

    There’s not much to say to the following pictures, showing various stages of the unboxing, except that already by the way everything is carefully packed, the outstanding and excellent quality of this kit shines:

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-3-jpg
    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-4-jpg
    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-6-jpg
    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-7-jpg

    The following picture shows all the parts, unwrapped to a recognizable state:

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-8-jpg

    Starting clockwise in the top left corner with the very detailed instruction book, the impressive tyres and wheels, then we have the ABS-Parts such as the floor of the cargo area with the gearbox and some lubricant lying on top of it. More bags with ABS-Parts, from which the cabin will be built and at the bottom the massive metal chassis rails. Then we see the three axles (front, middle and rear), more plasticbags with metal parts and screws and finally the six shocks.

    Let’s now throw a closer glance at the shocks and the axles:

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-10-jpgRC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-13-jpg

    Finally the next picture shows the plastic bags, accurately labelled, containing all the prefabricated assemblies such as those axles and all the other metal parts (there is no further need to show the ABS-parts again now).

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-20-jpg

    But we are not quite done yet - there was a second box that had arrived:

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-21-jpg

    In order to make this thing work in the end, a bunch of other items are required, which are shown in the next picture.

    Upon recommendation I had chosen the following items, hereinafter listed from top to bottom in each of the five columns on the fotograph:

    The first pair of adjustable chassis-stands (also useful for maintenance work later on)
    The Sound-Module Servonaut SM3
    Rechargeable Batteries for the radio control
    The second pair of adjustable chassis-stands
    The speaker for the Servonaut Sound System
    Tamiya ABS-Glue (which had some pretty good reviews on the Web and was used in a youtube-video showing the build of an ABS-cabin)
    Zap-A-Gap Superglue which had been recommended for this task (I’ll find out later which of the glues will be the better option)
    Rare Earth Magnets (for detachable cabin-roof)
    Recharbeable Battery-Pack
    Servo Y-cable
    Two Servo’s (steering and gear / waterproof)
    Brushed Electric Motor ‘Crawler Beast 60T’
    Electronic Speed Controller (waterproof)
    Radio Control Unit

    RC4WD Beast II 6x6-unboxing-22-jpg

    So this was the Unboxing as an appetizer for the things to come.

    In this post my aim is not to chew the cud in terms of the regular building work, which can easily be retraced by looking through the manual available online on the web, but rather to jump in with fotos of the individual current status, whenever anything occurs that deviates from the regular building process or which I deem appropriate to report.

    But before I end this section, please let me throw light on my plan to build «The Beast» as a fully functional Chassis/Cabin-Unit only, «the garage» equipped with a certain arsenal of spareparts for maintenance and then develop a few different, exchangeable platforms such as a «Trial-Truck», a «Festival-Music-Truck», a «Camper» so that «The Beast» will (hopefully) keep me busy for all times.

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