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    Hello from Spain,
    I am glad to be part of this site. I came here after reading a thread about Olive Sans. My main interest is related to the Pegaso Z102 Sport scale models, in each and every scale. My treasures are the models made by Teodoro “Teddy” Castro at 1/10 and Scuderia24 at 1/24. Absolutely devoted to the Olive Sans’ Pegasos, although I’m aware that they absolutely unreachable…
    Nevertheless, learning techniques related to resin Hello from Spain and white metal so that I can build (sooner or, perhaps more realistically, later) my own models.

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    Welcome! and post some pictures of your work and interests!

    I too am a devoted "fan" of Sr. Sans. (Check out my thread in Getting Started, Past Masters and Pioneers, I found an old film of him being interviewed and show-casing his BMW 507)

    Perhaps you can help me and explain the reason for him sometimes being called Manuel Olive Sans, or just Manuel Olive? I have never been able to determine which i correct, and I would like to know.

    We do have several modelers here to rival his work, most obvious is the work of Mr. Zimmermann, and his Continental Mk II, but I recommend looking through all the projects, some are not active any more but are very good! -and a few are being developed slowly.

    Again, welcome!

    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination

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