Hi! My name is Jake and after a lot of years looking for one and some weeks lurking over here in the forums I finally got my hands on a POCHER 1:8 F40 kit, which is still to be delivered but wanted to get as much Tips and tricks from you guys before starting the build.

This will be my first time building a 1:8, I built a couple of 1:24īs when I was 12-13 and the last one I built was about 2 years ago which is the green 911, last week I just finished my first proper build but its not a car its a Mahogany runabout 1/8 scale and did a ton of custom work on it so I hope the experience helps with the F40.

Hi everyone! NEWBIE here-img_5411-jpgHi everyone! NEWBIE here-img_5409-jpgHi everyone! NEWBIE here-ab7cf4a1-46ce-409e-a206-88d1dcd4e45f-jpg
What I have experience in buiding is 1:1 Hi everyone! NEWBIE here cars, thats my 1953 550 Spyder kit car.
Hi everyone! NEWBIE here-0db6376e-b95a-4537-9d97-c70a5fc457bf-jpg

I know a lot of people say that without the Autograph kit the Pocher is not such a good kit but it will have to do for now, too difficult and expensive to find/buy the Autograph kit.

Best regards to everyone