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    Hello All

    I found this forum recently when I started researching building a Pocher Alfa. I have been building for about 43 years, I am 47. I have never really taken time away from the Hobby. There are times where I have done less and times where I have done more. I tend to build slowly and have gotten better at it over the years. Anyway after digging into Pocher and what I see on here I am not sure I want to build one yet. I have to think that over a bit more, it sounds like they are not so much models but lumps of misshapen plastic that determined builders turn into models.

    Right now I am going to study others and try to learn from what some of you are doing. I plan to start a MFH Vincent Black Shadow in the next week or two. I felt that a more reasonable start on an advanced build at this point. If my start on it goes well then I will post a thread on it. I want to dig in and see how it goes though first.

    I am currently doing a quickie build of one of my all time favorite cars, the Martini Porsche 935. I have the 1/20 scale kit which is less common but it has a little more detail than any other small kit does. There is the Tamiya New to forum big 1/12 kit I know. For this one I have the studio 27 New to forum PE which was very hard to find and a set of new Martini decals. My last effort at this one was abandoned when the ancient decals fell apart.

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    Hello Scott!!

    Would like to see the MFH Vincent! -please do post your progress!
    And? yes folks who work with Pocher kits do need to be part plastic surgeon!

    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination

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