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    Hello dear members ! My name is Hannes ( from Germany ) and I am very pleased to join this community . Some members know me already from britmodellerīs where I was one of the fathers of the "research and scratchbuild " thread regarding the legendary Fiat 1500 cmc 12 cilindri , known as 806 .
    As a sculptor who retired from his restauration business I now have time to build some models which peek my interest : Vintage cars before WW2 .
    Complete scratchbuilds are too difficult and time-consuming for me , thatīs why I prefer alterings , detailing works and small scratchbuilds on existing kits .
    My current project is to build a realistic model based on Protar / Italeri `s 806 in 1 :12 because this kit is very far away from reality .
    Many greetings ! Hannes
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