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    Hello Jens! You and Mr. Kirn are of the same small group, who were fortunate enough to have been in contact with Mr. Wingrove. I have tried to contact Francisco Pulido with no success.

    Do you know any of the other gentlemen who were featured in the “Other Modelers Gallery”?
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    There are two other famous modellers from the seventies not mentioned in the last post who come to mind.
    Carlo Brianza who's studio was at Tradate Italy and Guiseppe Da Corte from Rome.
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    Hello Noel, yes your definitely right! -they were important, and Sr. Brianza did much to usher in the use of casting PAST MASTERS and PIONEERS resin PAST MASTERS and PIONEERS in creating models in part or whole, and photo-etched parts for accessory details.


    I did mention them both, pretty early on in this thread.

    The fault is mine for not having established a timeline. When I started this thread I had no idea what I was doing! -I was in some instances still learning myself who made what? Where? And when?

    Also, my big failing is being an English only modeler! (The language, that is) I have tried to be inclusive of modelers the world over, but in the end it's a poor showing. I know that in Japan, Mexico, Austria, Tibet, and even Canada! -there are modelers who have work that deserves being noted!

    Some have offered up "New to Me" bits, but I had hoped there would be more!
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