Hello happy modellers

For many weeks now I'm reading you and admiring the amazing builds you are working on, and I've learned for your experiences and references photo in the "Gallery", to progress in my own building of a Pocher Bugatti Coupé de Ville.
Now, I must pay a tribute to your fabulous forum and share with you, for those who would be interested, my own works.
I'm a french modeller, 58 years old, and I haven't build anything since at least 20 years (because my job is very time-consuming)
The last one was the super Bugatti, bought when my youngest son was born, in 1990. I built the chassis, with my poor experience, some unappropriate tools, and an evident lack of documentation, particularly because the Internet was just starting
And I abandonned my building of this model in 1992.
I woke up since 5 months and I undertook a resurection of my dusty abandonned model.

Soon, I'll post the results of my work, with the actuel state of the car, and will include details of.



PS: I apologize for my bad and literal english..I'll try to better myself along my threads